Sale! High Heel Wine Bottle Holder
High Heel Wine Bottle Holder
[tu_countdown id=1463 design=19][/tu_countdown] This elegant wine bottle holder is perfect for the vino lover with a fashionista side to her. It sits on your counter-top with a sassy style that demands attention. This stylish, yet practical decoration makes for a great gift. Available in 3 colors, choose yours below...
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Sale! Kayak Wind Sail – On "Sail" Now!
Kayak Wind Sail – On "Sail" Now!
Sit back, relax, and let the wind do the paddling! Start Sailing Your Kayak & Enter An Entire New World Of Fun & Adventure!
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  • This kayak sail is excellent for casual/ recreational kayakers. It has a user-friendly design and can easily be attached & deployed while out on the water or on shore.
  • With a large window area, seeing in front of you is not a problem. And manuvering the sail is just as easy with steering lines on both sides.
  • The soft batten outer of the sail is made to hold its circular shape, yet it is pliable and can be coiled/folded for easy storage
  • The sailcloth is made with durability in mind. It is composed of rip-stop nylon and PVC for the clear window area, all of which is triple stitched. It is designed to handle low to moderate winds
  • The simplicity of this sail makes it great for anyone, including novices.
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