Sale! Digital Thermometer Pacifier
Digital Thermometer Pacifier
Checking Temperature Just Got Easier!
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Item specifics
  • Super Easy To Use – It only has 1 button, simply push “on” and it will read your baby’s temperature, then push it again to turn it off (will shut off automatically if you don’t)
  • Baby Health Friendly – The nipple is made of medical-grade silicone and is harmless
  • Easier Than Other Methods – Your baby isn’t going to throw a fit putting this thermometer in his/her mouth
  • LCD Display – It features a digital LCD display which just ads to its simplicity to use
  • Battery Included
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Sale! Feeding Pacifier – Making Babies Across The World Happy!
Feeding Pacifier – Making Babies Across The World Happy!
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Item specifics
  • Easy To Use – Just cut up some fruit (or whatever kind of food your baby loves) and place it inside the nipple
  • Works Great – The silicone nipple features holes throughout. This way when your baby sucks on it the flavor of the food inside will come out
  • Health Friendly – It is composed of food-grade silicone (nipple) and plastic (handle), which is completely safe
  • 3 Sizes - Choose From Small, Medium, or Large which is appropriate from anywhere 0 to 6 + months in age
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Sale! Hungry Shark Sleeping Bag for Babies
Hungry Shark Sleeping Bag for Babies
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This shark sleeping bag will swallow your child whole, keeping them cosy and warm. With a super cute design and an ultra comfy feel, your child will love it even though they might not be able to say so.
  • Cotton/polyester blend for warmth & comfort
  • Perfect for newborns up though 9 month olds (34.5in in length)
  • Available in 3 colors, choose yours below...
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Sale! Star Sleeping Bag for Babies
Star Sleeping Bag for Babies
Swaddle your child in this supper cuddly and cute star sleeping bag.
  • Made of cotton, super comfortable
  • Measures 33.5in in height, great for newborns and babies up to 9 months
  • Available in 3 colors, blue, green, & pink. Choose yours below...
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