Sale! Silica Gel Yoga Stretch Band
Silica Gel Yoga Stretch Band
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Stretches Up To 8x Its Length!
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  • Made with 100% Silica Gel, this one-of-a-kind band is "uber" stretchy and can stretch up to 8 times its original length of 13 inches. Compare this to the conventional latex resistance bands, which don't even come close
  • Provides light to moderate resistance, making it perfect for that gentle and delicate stretch you need to get moving
  • Features rounded ends with textured grip for easy handling
  • We have 3 colors, so choose your favorite below!
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Sale! Solar Fire Starter – A Survivalist's Must Have!
Solar Fire Starter – A Survivalist's Must Have!
Grab some tinder, paper, etc. Place it in the designated area. Hold the device out in the sun… and in no time you got yourself a fire!
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Item specifics
  • Eco-friendly, uses 100% solar energy
  • Saves you money (can be re-used over and over)
  • Just 3.8 inches in diameter
  • Made of aluminum & plastic
  • Spring is able to fold to the side for easy storage
  • Can also be used as a reflective signaler in emergency situations
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Sale! Survival Straw Water Filter
Survival Straw Water Filter
Hydrate With Clean Water No Matter What The Situation. This Straw Filter is a Prepper's Must-Have For When SHTF
  • Removes 99.999% of harmful bacteria including salmonella, colibacillus, legionella, etc.
  • Features a 0.01um ultra filtration membrane cartridge
  • Passes Germany's strict TUV SUD test
  • Has a flow rate of 400ml / min and lasts up to 3,000L of use!
  • Measures only 7.86 inches in length with a 1.6 inches in diameter making it easy to carry around
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Sale! Survival Wire Saw
Survival Wire Saw
Item specifics
  • Item Type: Saw
  • Blade Type: Wire
  • Material: 600mm German Stainless Steel
  • Saw Length: 55cm (19.7in)
  • Total Length: 70cm (27.6in)
  • Easy to Use, Flexible, Easy Storage
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Sale! Webbed Finger Swim Fins
Webbed Finger Swim Fins
Swim Faster, Easier, & Longer with these innovative Webbed Finger Swim fins. The goal with this product was to increase paddling power as much as possible while keeping it small and unnoticeable. These fins are small, light, and fit snug. Thus, they stay out of your way, yet still increase your swimming ability. They are perfect for SCUBA divers & snorkelers of any kind.
Available in 3 sizes, choose yours below...
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