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Feeding Pacifier – Making Babies Across The World Happy!

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  • Easy To Use โ€“ Just cut up some fruit (or whatever kind of food your baby loves) and place it inside the nipple
  • Works Great โ€“ The silicone nipple features holes throughout. This way when your baby sucks on it the flavor of the food inside will come out
  • Health Friendly โ€“ It is composed of food-grade silicone (nipple) and plastic (handle), which is completely safe
  • 3 Sizes – Choose From Small, Medium, or Large which is appropriate from anywhere 0 to 6 + months in age
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Are you struggling to satisfy your baby? Is he/she always crying and throwing a fit?

Well forget about the conventional pacifiers. This Nipple Feeder/Pacifier does the trick. With hundreds of foods for you to choose from, your baby is going to love this.

The nipple of this Nipple Feeder is made of food-grade silicone, which is completely safe for your child. Unlike the mesh feeders, the silicone nipple is much more satisfying for your baby. It feels more natural and has been found to work much better.

If you have tried everything to satisfy and comfort your baby and have had no luck, then give this a try.

On Sale For $1.99 โ€“ Limited Time Offer

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Blue S, Blue M, Blue L, Green S, Green M, Green L, Pink S, Pink M, Pink L, Yellow S, Yellow M, Yellow L


  1. Beth

    She loves it! So of course I love it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Gina

    Works great. I’ve tested out many different foods with it to see how my 3month old likes it.

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