Solar Fire Starter – A Survivalist's Must Have!

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Grab some tinder, paper, etc. Place it in the designated area. Hold the device out in the sun… and in no time you got yourself a fire!

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Item specifics
  • Eco-friendly, uses 100% solar energy
  • Saves you money (can be re-used over and over)
  • Just 3.8 inches in diameter
  • Made of aluminum & plastic
  • Spring is able to fold to the side for easy storage
  • Can also be used as a reflective signaler in emergency situations
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  1. Mick

    I’m a fan of it. I set up a fire teepee and then just set this thing underneath it with paper in its holder, and just let it sit there. I leave one side of the teepee open so that the sun is able to get it. If I set everything up right, I am able to leave it and walk away.

    If you do this just make sure you keep and eye on it. Because one your fire starts you don’t want to leave this solar fire starter underneath it or it will get damaged.

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