Survival Straw Water Filter

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Hydrate With Clean Water No Matter What The Situation. This Straw Filter is a Prepper’s Must-Have For When SHTF
  • Removes 99.999% of harmful bacteria including salmonella, colibacillus, legionella, etc.
  • Features a 0.01um ultra filtration membrane cartridge
  • Passes Germany’s strict TUV SUD test
  • Has a flow rate of 400ml / min and lasts up to 3,000L of use!
  • Measures only 7.86 inches in length with a 1.6 inches in diameter making it easy to carry around
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  1. Doug

    Well, I haven’t had any problems yet and I’ve filtered some pretty gross water with this thing. So I’d say it works! I carry it with me on every trip

  2. Nicholas

    I like it. When you filter out dirty water you can still taste the bad taste, but at least it doesn’t harm you. I even use this for water that looks clean just to be on the safe side. I would recommend this to any camper/survivalist as clean water is crucial

  3. Dale

    Absolute must-have for your preps and go-bags! When SHTF I’ll be ready.

  4. Christina

    My husband loves to make sure we are ready for the worst, so he bought several of these straw filters. We have tried them out and they work great. Fortunately for us we haven’t had to use them in a real situation as of yet.

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